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We meet regularly, on the second Thursday of each month at the Boar’s Head Inn, Newmarket, Louth, usually at 7.30pm.
New faces are always welcome.

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Usually on Thursdays, 7.30pm at The Boar's Head, Newmarket, Louth.

11th Jun 2015 - Monthly Meeting
09th Jul 2015 - Monthly Meeting
13th Aug 2015 - Monthly Meeting
10th Sep 2015 - Monthly Meeting
08th Oct 2015 - Monthly Meeting
12th Nov 2015 - Monthly Meeting
10th Dec 2015 - ELGP AGM & Members Dinner

Speeches at Spring Conference, Liverpool March 2015

Caroline Lucas
Natalie Bennet
Amelia Womack (Video)
Amelia Womack (Text)
Molly Scott-Cato talking about economics lessons from Greece.
Dr. Shahrar Ali - Climate Change and Green Leadership

Green Party ideas on video

Affordable and secure housing should be available to all - Natalie Bennett
Caroline Lucas on why she wants the railways back in public hands
Natalie Bennett speaking at Stand Up to Racism Rally

Our candidates in the 2015 General Election.

Green Party Policies

The Green Party is committed to providing well-being and prosperity for everyone, in harmony with the environment. We have representatives at all levels of governance.

A caring, inclusive and democratic Green society will enable everyone to do valuable work, follow their interests, interact with their community and enjoy nature. A Green government will pursue bold solutions to our social, economic and environmental crises through its commitment to equality, citizen participation, peace and the environment.

We will create jobs by making our homes and workplaces energy-efficient; our public transport and local food networks reliable and convenient; and our energy sources affordable, renewable and resilient. Work will pay at least a living wage - ensuring a good quality of life - with a citizen's pension providing dignified retirement. Tax contributions will match ability to pay.

We support high-quality public services run for people not private profit. We will protect the NHS and Post Office from privatisation and return our energy, water and rail networks to public ownership. We will strengthen our education system by providing free school meals, abolishing tuition fees and ensuring all schools are accountable to parents. We will separate retail and investment banks and empower communities with a network of not-for-profit lenders.

We will support cooperative, diverse and resilient local economies to meet our needs while reversing the status-seeking wealth concentration that is deepening social divisions and destroying the natural world. We will regulate, tax and invest to protect workers’ rights, support socially beneficial businesses and safeguard the ecosystems on which we rely.

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Transition Town Louth and The East Lincolnshire Green Party have produced proposals for local railways in the post-carbon age: ZING~The Incredibly Light Railway

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